Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whats the delay?

Whats the delay? We had it all planned and this isn't the way it was supposed to be.
My mom was scheduled to start on a very long day of chemo. They admitted her the night before so they could start this process early in the morning.
Well delay happened. Due to some communication issues my mom didn't get started on her treatment until very late in the afternoon. It was a longer process then normal because she had a negative reaction to this medicine before and they were being extremely cautious with her to help keep that from happening again.
They started off with an extremely diluted amount of chemo then over the course of 8 hours they would slowly increase it until finally it would be at around 90% strength.
 We were all a little nervous and knew that if she was going to have a reaction it would probably be with the last round .  My moms night nurse came on around 7:30 p.m, by the time he got there they were only on the 2nd of 4 bags of chemo. He came in, checked everything out then went back to get caught up on all her medicines ect. As the evening went on I noticed he was different then all the other nurses my mom had. Aside from being very quiet, gentle and kind, he was very attentive to my mom and  he was very organized and  was prepared for anything. I felt a calm that I had not felt all day thankful that he was the one to be on duty during that last bag of chemo.
At around 9:30 p.m. they started the last bag, thankfully it all went smoothly.  All through the night as we were trying to sleep he would come quietly come in to the room to check on my mom, add more medications and then finally her final drip, a unit of blood.
As mom and I woke up early that morning  we talked a little of the previous day, my mom was relieved  to have it behind her and yet still a little frustrated that the process took so long and was delayed so long. We then talked a little about our night nurse, We both agreed that he was by far the most  efficient of all the nurses she had during her 2 day stay. He came in, took the time to make sure he understood  her situation and took the time to explain everything he was doing. He organized medications so he knew exactly where everything was in case he needed it in a hurry.  I told my mom that I thought God must have delayed her chemo so that she would get him for the final process. God wanted that nurse to be on guard, to watch over my mom during that final chemo ! God trusted him to take good care of mom, and for that we could see the positive of the delay and the frustration of the day before turned into thankfulness.
I know we have all said or heard the saying "everything happens for a reason", while I believe this to be true, there are many times that we don't ever know the reason why things don't go as planned. This was one time that I am thankful that God let us see the reason for the delay!
What about you, Any situations that you were able to look back on and have that "ah-ha" moment of understanding of why that happened the way it did?

I have to add a PS to this post.
My mom cracks me up. This morning when they brought my mom her breakfast tray she lifted the lid on it, picked up the waffle and said this is gross. She then proceeded to through half of it in the trash because she didn't want to hurt their feelings that she didn't eat it!  Then she said, oh I am sorry am I being difficult! I had to laugh, first of all NO she wasn't being difficult but after all she has gone through over the past 6 years, and what she had gone through within the last 48 hours, I think she MORE then earned the right to be a little difficult don't you? My mom! Always worried she is going to hurt someones feelings!

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