Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A little bit of happiness

As time goes on I find myself wishing mom was here to share the little everyday things. Especially now that dad is on the road , seems like a big piece is missing from our lives.
After mom died my dad spent a few weeks going through moms stuff. He had things for us to look through to see if we wanted. One of those items was a black fanny pack my mom used  at the gym and when she would go on walks with my dad. My dad asked me if I wanted it and I said no, I probably would never use it. So that was that. 
Fast forward to now, I am going to be doing a 5 K color run/walk on Saturday and I was telling Ryan I wished I would have kept that fanny pack. It would have been perfect for Saturday, it was small and was just the right size to carry a few items in. Today Ryan and I were at Fort Lewis for an appointment. After our appointment  I decided to stop in at the thrift store on Post to see if I could find something similar for a good price. Ryan stayed in the van and I went in to do a quick search . Along the wall there was a bunch of purses. I walked down the isle looking and what do I see hanging on a hook?  My moms fanny pack!  I was so excited!!  I knew my dad had donated some items to the thrift store but didn't realize that it was one of the items. Plus even it I  had remembered, what are the odds of it still being there? I could hardly contain myself as I bought it and went out to the van.  I took it out of the bag and said " Ryan.... look what I found." He said, " MOM, is that grandmas?!?!" I said, " YES!!! " He said wow, that's pretty cool!  ". I know it is just a bag but to me it was a little bit of happiness, a blessing, an unexpected moment to remember my mom, and to feel her close to me in the little things of life.  I know if she was here she would have thought it was cool, and I know she would be right there along side me as I do the 5K walk, and  I guess in a way she will be!. I am thankful that God brings those little moments to our lives, the unexpected little moments seem to bring the most joy.   Love you mom!