Thursday, June 14, 2012

My simple little mission.

My mission, whether or not I want it, to get modifications done to Ryans wheelchair. Starting time frame of this mission, Oct, 2011.

Sounds easy right? It all started in October of 2011. Ryan was getting bigger so he needed modifications done to wheelchair so that he could sit correctly in it. We made  an appointment with his physical therapist and had the vendor from the local equipment place come. Appointment was quick, got everything down on paper that he needed . They would write the letters of justification, stating why Ryan needed these changes to his chair, contact his doctor for a prescription,  and do all the paperwork. I was so happy that it was being done for us and I didn't have to do anything. It would all come together, right?

December 2011,  no phone calls yet. I knew insurance companies aren't fast about anything so figured I would give it till January 2012. January came then February.  To be honest with you I didn't want to mess with it and was hoping that it would all come through without me having to intervene.

 March of 2012 I decided I better figure out what was going on. It does take a while but not usually this long. So i called the Vendor. They had no idea what I was talking about. They had never received  any information for any of this! Someone... somewhere, messed up!  We had to start the process over. So back to the PT, wrote everything up again and I was reassured it would get done.

 April went by, then May, still no information.  I was getting rather frustrated at this point so I called the vendor . They had  the approval from the insurance for everything but 2 items that were denied,  the seat back and the hardware that was needed to put on Ryan's new leg rest!  I asked " why  was I not notified of this?"  Plus how can the insurance deny the hardware needed for the leg rest and Ryan's seat?!?  More letters written, approvals needed, letters of justification, doctors notes, quotes for the items etc.

 End of May, I made the phone call again. She said "yes, we got the parts in , the shop will call you to set up an appointment after they double check to be sure everything is  there." " Finally !", I thought!   Well of course I was wrong, 3 weeks go by and no phone call. I  called today, middle of June. The girl I talked to said we have it all except 1 part that we are waiting for  Ryan's doctor to write a prescription , she said she sent the fax to the doctor last week. Ryan's doctor is usually pretty fast about getting these things in so I asked about the doctor. She said the doctors name and it wasn't even Ryan's doctor. They sent it to the wrong doctor! OKAY , I am in tears at this point. I call her boss, I tell him everything that is going on and finally at 8:00pm tonight he calls me back. Even though we are waiting for the one item they are going to get everything else put on his chair next week.  Finally after 8 months of  waiting do I dare believe that my simple little mission is finally over?

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