Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a "little" blessing ?

I would rather not say who this is but a person in my family has really been having a hard time, going through some difficult struggles.
 Last night it seemed like it all came down at once and they were really upset. I had a hard time sleeping last night wishing there was something I could do. This morning I woke up and prayed asking God to please allow something positive to happen to this person today, just something little , something that would encourage them and be a  blessing.
 As the day went on I prayed this prayer again knowing this person was having such a hard time and my heart hurt for them.
 After dinner we got the mail and in the mailbox was a card addressed to this person. As they opened it and started to read it tears came to their eyes. It was a card sent from a friend and in the card was written an actual blessing, the words were short but seemed to be just what they needed at this point in their life. I got tears in my eyes and said to this person, " I just prayed this morning that God would bring a small blessing in your life today, God answered that prayer even before I prayed it". The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you God for answering our prayers sometimes even before we pray them. Thank you for this person who felt lead to write this card. How many times do we get a "feeling" that we are supposed to call someone, send a card , go over and talk with someone, give a  hug,  and feel funny wondering why and what will they think, but when we do we find out that it was just what that person needed. Today I encourage you if you feel lead to reach out to someone please follow through . You never know if what you say or do is just what that person needed . YOU just might be who God uses to  answer a  prayer!

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