Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Acceptance is does NOT mean you give up.

I just feel like i have to say this, Acceptance does not mean you give up !

For some reason we think that if we accept the difficulties in our lives that we are  giving up.  
 I have been there. Many times, with Ryan . With each loss we have had to face with Duchennes, I have to work through it and  get to a  place to accept that this is our new normal.  It is not easy, I have to work through the fear and feeling guilty that by accepting means giving up hope.  That can't be farther from the truth.  Anxiety takes a lot of energy, acceptance lowers anxiety , brings much needed  peace , and allows you to have the strength to do what  is needed to do to get through it.
Over the past 6 years I have also watched my mom go through this with her cancer.  I know she doesn't like what is going on, she misses what she used to be able to do, she struggles with tomorrow. I think she feels like  if she accepts that  things are different than she has given up hope that  she will ever be able to do those things again. Once she is able to surrender to the fact that this is what her life is for now that is when the anxiety goes down, and she  has more energy to get through the day.
When you are dealing with a difficult thing , you go through a process,  part of that is accepting.To get to the place of acceptance is  saying, Okay this is the way it is, I may not like it , I can't change it but I  except it.  What causes so much anxiety is NOT doing this.  You can't change what has already happened, you have no control over what might happen, you can't change things by wishing things  were different ,  so surrender all that to God. When you do this your circumstance may  not change but accepting this is your life for now,  you will be at peace. 

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