Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just trying to be helpful!

Jake usually mows the grass but since he is gone and Jeff has been busy working on the Mega ramp (see it in the background of the picture!)  I decided I would step in and be the hero. I will mow the grass! It has been a few years since I mowed the lawn but hey it doesn't take a rocket scientist right?

I put on  my hat, sunglasses work gloves , ear buds in my ears and got to work. Within a few minutes I realized that it had been along time since I had mowed the lawn. Wow, when did this yard get so big and has this lawn mower always been this heavy to push?
 I was plotting along when I  ran over Jake's soccer net. Of course this stopped the lawn mower dead in its tracks. Like a little kid I sheepishly went over to Jeff and told him what I did. He looked at the lawn mower and it was a mess. He had to take it into the  garage to fix it. It took him over  30 minutes to get the mess cleaned up. He fixed it and once again I started mowing.
Back and forth , back and forth , then I hit something again stopping the lawn mower.  I am like, what the heck, I looked down and it was a black plastic tube. I thought, I wonder what that could be? I backed the mower and up and restarted it,  thankfully this time it started back up.  I proceeded on, happily pushing the mower , enjoying my music when  a few minutes later Jeff walked up to me with the black plastic tube in his hand. I smiled , I said what was that for? It was part of the venting for our septic system, oops! Sorry !  I did finally get the lawn mowed after having to restart it about 20 times at least half of those times I had to have Jeff help me since the auto starter was not working. 

Having had this experience  I have decided a few things. 1)  Having a big yard is overrated. 2) We have way too much junk to have to mow around . 3) I am way too old to be pushing a lawn mower. 4) I think Jeff needs to buy a riding mower and finally 5) I bet Jeff won't take me up on my offer to "help" mow the lawn again! 
When was a time that your offer to "help" turned into be something more than "help" ? 

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  1. Donna I needed the laugh thank you !!! hahaha!!