Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes you just have to give up.

Over a year ago Ryan had Spinal fusion surgery.  The recovery from the surgery was more than we could have ever imagined, not only physically but emotionally. Ryan lost a lot of independence over night  and has had a very difficult time dealing with the changes.  He saw a therapist for 3 months, but after a few comments she made to him I realized she had no idea what he was going through. Ryan and I both decided that it was pretty much a waste of our time to continue to see her so my search went on. I called his doctors, talked to the school social worker, asked other parents but no one seemed to be able to give me good direction.
 I was becoming discouraged. It had been over a year, Ryan was still struggling with the changes and I was at a lose how to help him. Finally one day I said to God, I give up. If you want Ryan to get help your going to have to drop the answer in my lap. Shortly after that time I went to get my haircut. I was sitting on the couch waiting for  my appointment while my beautician rang up his last customer. I heard the customer  say to him that she was leaving and would be back in October. I was being nosey so I asked her why she was leaving Washington during the summer , after all summer is the best part of Washington!  She turned to me and we started to talk. I found out she works at the Army base as a therapist and is only here for 6 months at a time. I did not know that Fort Lewis had therapy available so  I asked her a few questions about her work and she sat down on the arm of the couch right next to me . I found out that she specializes in grief and lose, as we continued to talk I told her about Ryan having Duchennes MD . How much grieving is a part of DMD life. I shared with her my struggles with finding a therapist  who understand that. She said that she wished she wasn't leaving because she would have loved to had the chance to meet with  Ryan. She asked if she could have my phone number . She stood to leave leaning over to give me a hug and nearly fell onto my lap! We laughed about it and said good bye. I had tears in my eyes as I was getting my haircut and continued to think about our conversation.   I was disappointed that I had not meet her 6 months earlier.  I was discouraged  thinking I would  probably never see her again, and felt stupid for crying in front of everyone in the salon.  Having a little bit of a bad attitude I thought sure God bring this lady into my life as she is moving!
I would say within the hour my phone rang. It was her.  She gave me the phone number of a person that she felt might be helpful. I thanked her and hung up the phone. Once again my attitude came up. I was thinking oh great another number. I had not had much luck with other recommendations but I figured I would give it a try. I called the Dr.  leaving  a message on his answer machine and waited for a call back.  2 days later he called me, he asked me a few questions about Ryan and when I mentioned he had DMD he knew exactly what that was. He said he worked with numerous boys that had DMD. He then proceeded to ask me  specific questions. I was stunned. I felt as if he had been watching our life over the last year. he knew EXACTLY what was going on. We set up an appointment for Ryan and hung up the phone. I was crying, I knew we finally found the right person! As I was thinking about how this all come about I then remembered my conversation with God, that he was going to have to drop the answer in my lap and realized that is exactly what he did! So funny that God dropped the answer in my lap at a beauty salon!  I was so thankful, and asked God to forgive my bad attitude. There are times that God wants us to do something towards the answer to prayer and then there are other times when he just wants us to surrender, give it up, wait  and trust him to bring the answer to us!
Can you share a time when God brought an answer to prayer in a very real way?


  1. Oh Donna!! LOL...I so love Gods sense of humor!hahah!! cant stop laughing.

    I know you have heard it before but I will tell my cat story.

    Our cat rainbow died in a freak accident , the garage door smashed her the eye did not catch her. I was so emotional and so sad!! I cried and was really devastated and discouraged with life, did not understand why we had to die. I began to wonder if God was even there or even existed. I knew he did but really needed a special reminder. I got down on my hands and knees and and begged him to send me a special message , a message that he was there and a message that I knew was from him. I called a few friends to tell them my sad news. My daughter who suffers from a rare liver disease loved this cat . She is a real cat lover and it helped her cope with some of the side effects from her disease like chronic itching from the bile acids backing up in her system. A friend suggested I try craiglist to find another pet cat. How could I replace the one pet so fast? I dont know I just did...hahah! I found a cat on craiglist his posting was loving docile cat needs good home. I called the guy immediately this cat sounded to good to be true. His owner told me he just posted him a 1/2 hour ago. The cat was his daughters cat, they had another child who was a boy. The cat was declawed, 3 years old , great with kids, chipped, all shots current and needed a good home . THIS CAT WAS PERFECT!!! They were getting rid of him reluctantly the family had hit hard times and had to move in with there folks. The animals all had to go. I told him we would take him my heart was racing with excitement! I got directions to his house and as a after thought asked....whats the name of the cat? He told me it is Malachi.....MALACHI??? yea MALCHAI...but I could change it if I wanted too. No I loved it! I hung up and thought about his name...Malachi a book in the bile ...I ran got my bible ...I wanted to find out what Malachi meant ....gues what it meant??? "GODS MESSENGER" God is good and so funny sending me a special message in the form of a perfect cat for our family. What a gift. I recently lost my mother to ALS . I know God is there and as much as I mourn her everyday. I know God is with her taking care of her and he has let me know early on before he took her in the message of a cat.

  2. Oh Julee, thanks for sharing! I love it when God gives us very specific answers to our prayers!

  3. Can you stand another "Cat Story"???

    We have a mama cat named Socks. She is 16 years old now. About 12 years ago, when our son Leland was 7, Socks just disappeared. We would let her go outside and wander around, but she always came back. Not this time. We were all worried about her, and looked around the neighborhood for her with no success.

    Leland was ADAMANT and INSISTED on praying for Socks to come home every single night at bedtime. I prayed with him, but I held onto a little bit of "reality" and thought to myself, "She's probably gone. I just don't want to break his heart by saying that out loud." Instead, I continued to pray with Leland who was FAITHFUL and CONFIDENT that the Lord WOULD answer his prayers. Several months went by, life went on...and Leland continued to pray. It was heartbreaking to me because I didn't want him to face what I thought was reality.

    HOWEVER - one Saturday morning, the whole family was together at Upwards Basketball watching Leland's game. I got a call on my cell phone from someone who said SHE HAD OUR CAT AT HER HOUSE...AND WOULD WE LIKE TO COME PICK HER UP??? WHAT?!?!?! HOW?!?!? We rushed over there as soon as we could - and YES - it was our cat Socks. She had been living in the wild for the last few months. The lady had seen Socks hanging our her yard, and several times witnessed her trying to get into her trashcan for food. She tried to coax her closer to see if she had a collar, but Socks was too frightened. The lady would leave food out for her - but her husband did not want a cat around and discouraged her from trying to help. ANYWAY - Socks finally got trapped in their trashcan when the lid came down on her. The lady was finally able to read her collar, and gave us a call.

    LELAND WAS BEYOND ECSTATIC! And he completely gave all the glory to God - "See Mom? I knew God would bring her home! I just couldn't stop praying for her."

    Yep - we were all humbled - by a little boy who's hearts desire and continual prayers were answered by our Lord. Thank you Father!

    1. Oh lisa! I love it!! God loves our children and our animals as well! I love that he never gave up praying for his cat and God answered that prayer! I LOVE hearing about answered prayers, that is what keeps me praying! HOPE :)