Friday, May 18, 2012


Shopping for jeans has to be a women's worse nightmare. I was out to find the "perfect" jeans. I grabbed jeans of all types to try on. I am not lying when I say I must have tried on 50 pairs! During this process my good friend Laura called me on my cell phone, so of course I answered it and talked with her while I was trying on my mountain of jeans. One after the other I tossed them aside. I finally found the perfect fit! loved how they felt , so comfortable. So while still talking on the phone I grabbed my perfect jeans to pay for them,  finished my phone call and went home. Once at home I was so excited to put on my new jeans, to admire my find, only much to my horror when I put them on they didn't fit! WHAT??? they were so perfect at the store. It took me a minute to realize I was so caught up with my phone call that  I had bought the wrong ones!! uggg!! I was so distressed. I went right back to the store and much to my surprise my pile of jeans were still in the dressing room area. So once again back to trying them all on again. I never did find the perfect fitted jeans again. 
 I think the secret to finding the perfect fit jeans would be to take a class called Jean-ology 101.  I mean after all we have so few choices right?  The following would be covered in the course; Classic , slight, demi, bold, supreme curve; legging , the much dreaded skinny, slim, straight, boyfriend, bootcut, flare, figure enhancers; lowest rise,  low, mid, high rise, sits at waist, or slightly below waist; short, medium, long, peddle pushers, capris, bermuda, short or daisy dukes short. Oh and then there are the shoes to go with the jeans, someone stop the insanity!  Oh how I miss the old days of just your classic levi or Lee jeans (aka Mom Jeans). Life was so much simpler then.


  1. hahaha Now I feel bad that I called you during your "perfect jean hunt".


    1. yes my dear laura, but I would give up those perfect jeans to talk with my wonderful friend any day :) Jeans come and jeans go but your friendship is a perfect fit !

  2. ha ha.. julee your so smart!