Sunday, February 25, 2018

4. We are in Austin!


We so much enjoyed our few days in Abilene with our friends Mark and Karla, their youngest daughter Lacey and her husband Aaron. 

Mark, Karla and their 3 newest babies 
Some friends you can go years without seeing, yet when you see them again its like it was yesterday. That’s Mark and Karla. We were stationed with them in Missouri and I spent many summers babysitting their 3 girls.  I should say hanging with the girls. Jake and Ryan were babies and the girls pretty much entertained them for me 😊 I loved that I got to see their youngest Lacey and her 2 little ones. So strange to see those you babysat now grown and having kids of their own. Time goes by way to fast.

We left Abilene with our hearts full and yet a little sad. Not knowing when we will see our friends again. They tried hard to convince us to move to Texas! I think they have Ryan agreeing to it, they went above and beyond to make him feel comfortable. I don’t think it would take much to talk Jeff into either. He was like a little kid sitting at their kitchen table watching the deer roaming their backyard. 

Jeff is flying home tomorrow, so he can go back to work, someone needs to support our adventures. Ryan and I will be hanging out in Austin for 2 weeks.  We’ll see what we can find to do. Any suggestions?

A little story that touched this moms heart.   Lacey’s little boy, Evan is 3 years old. He was fascinated by Ryan’s chair, the different buttons and how Ryan could make it go up and down. When Ryan drove his wheelchair up the ramp into the back of the van he thought that was the greatest thing! Later that night when Lacey was putting him to bed, he said “Mom, I think Ryan is a Super Hero and he has the coolest chair!”  LOVE the childlike innocence. Most children are curious about Ryan’s chair. I wonder what happens to adults that cause them to go from the childlike curiosity to being afraid of ,or turning away from someone in a wheelchair.

Childlike curiosity, what a beautiful thing. He didn’t see the wheelchair as being a disability but a means of Super Hero ABILITY! 

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