Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Chains are Gone!

My Chains are Gone.
As I sat at moms memorial service, listening to the song “Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone”, I was overcome by strong feelings of Joy and Peace. I missed my mom terribly and was confused to be feeling joy in the midst of sorrow,  joy at such a time as this? Joy in Sorrow, How can that be?
 The last few weeks of mom’s life were very difficult, full of pain and struggle.  While she was in the hospital I stayed with her most of the nights, watching over her, not wanting her to be alone. I awoke one morning after having a dream.  In my dream there was someone sitting in a chair looking out as if they were watching, waiting, and full of anticipation. In my dream there was also a little girl, she kept trying to sit down but was too excited.  The little girl was so full of joy and excitement she couldn't help but to keep jumping up and twirling around.  Everything about her was happiness and joy!  We are told in Hebrews that we have a Great Cloud of witnesses cheering us on. I couldn't help but think that those in my dream were those  in heaven, looking down on my mom, watching, waiting, knowing that something exciting was about to happen. I could feel their joy; joy in knowing that my mom’s battle was almost over. They knew they would soon be welcoming her into heaven with them.   I shared that dream with my mom. I told her she would not be alone, that her arrival was much anticipated in heaven.
That day at her memorial, as I listened to the words, “my chains are gone, I've been set free”   That dream came to mind, I felt the joy of those in my dream , joy and peace know that my mom is now with them in heaven, she has been set free. Thank you God for giving me that dream, so I can now picture her as that little girl. She is free, twirling around, full of happiness and Joy.  Surrounded by those she loves, she is now part of that Great cloud of witnesses, continuing to do what she has always done, cheering us on!


  1. Beautiful Donna. I can relate to a similar ending. Denice Bonnet-Suess
    A friend from the Pooh Gang.

  2. Beautiful ~ thank you for showing your heart ~