Sunday, March 10, 2013

A little glimpse of my moms heart.

Wanted to share just a little glimpse of my mom heart.
She is currently at an in-hospital palliative  room. This past week she was having a really bad day so we thought a roll around the hospital might help to lift her spirits. Our nice, young nurse Katy got my mom situated in a wheelchair along with her iv pole and oxygen tank headed off down the hall. My nephew Justin and sister Beth walked behind her  pulling her extra equipment along. My mom was very quiet as they walked through the hospital floor, not saying a word. When they approached the nurses station my mom made them stop There was an older male nurse walking by, she reached out to touch his arm stopping him.  His name is Scott and while he had not been one of her nurses this time around he did help care for her on one of her previous visits to the hospital.  My mom took his hand and very quietly wanted to thank him for the kindness, compassion and wonderful care that he showed to her when she was in there a few months ago.  It took him a minute to recognize my mom, smiled and softly said thank you.  Then the parade of equipment and my mom continued down the hallway and back to her room.
A few days later Scott was moms assigned nurse. She was having a difficult time and was struggling. Scott came in to help make her comfortable. She started to apologize to him for being so much work, he took her hand and said , Mrs Huffman, it is my pleasure to care for you,  he proceeded to thank her for taking the time the other day to stop him in the hallway. He had tears in his eyes when he told her that she would never know how much that meant to him,  that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him since he started working in the hospital.
My mom, in the most difficult circumstance, stopped for a moment to minister to that nurse. Thank you God for once again allowing me to see this special moment, a reminder of who my mom is . I truly believe one of our jobs here on earth is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. For people to be able to see Jesus in us, and that is what my mom has done and continues to do even now.
My mom Mary and her grandson Justin. Getting ready for a walk.


  1. Donna, Sounds like your mom continues to make lasting, positive, impressions, like on the young airmen/women that the Huffman family opened their home to. What sticks with me is her uncomplicated faith and her smile. That smile still makes me smile. Ray

  2. Donna Hi :) Thank you for sharing . I love you all very much .