Friday, January 4, 2013

Just 45 minutes can mean so much

Forty Five minutes. I had my mom back for 45 minutes!
 My mom has been experiencing a lot of pain and nausea due to cancer. The battle has been ongoing  for over 6 years but the past year, especially the last few months have been very difficult. This past week  the decision was made to check her into an inpatient hospice center, just for a few days to help to see if they can get the medications better regulated to get her feeling a little better.
 Last night I was with her when she woke up. She got up out of bed , came over to where I was sitting and sat down with me. She asked me what I was eating and ate a little. She sat there with me for awhile chatting, walked around the room , down the hall stopping  to talk with a nurse and even joked around with her. She walked for a few minutes and then back to her room. She smiled at me and asked how the boys were doing, she smiled the first real smile I have seen in so long! She seemed to be totally free of pain for these 45 minutes. I was so happy just watching her, I was in tears thinking THIS is my mom.  She was awake and coherent for about  45 minutes and then needed to go back to bed. She was given another dose of medicine and fell back asleep. I was in tears thinking about what I just saw. I got to SEE my mom for 45 minutes and I am SO thankful! My mom is still there hiding behind the pain, and medicine but she is still there!! Cancer sucks but It does not take away who she is or her spirit ! Thank you God for allowing me to see her, to be able to have a glimpse of her true self to know that SHE is still there. I can't even express how much that meant to me, just 45 minutes!


  1. I love your post Donna.....thank you for being there...I'm am just a phone call away (and about 6 hours or so by air ) praying for you as well...Love you sister !!!

  2. Donna, What a sweet 45 minutes. I love this story. Good news!!!

  3. hugs to you my friend-joy in sorrow!!!!

  4. Thanks for making me cry like a new born, Donna what a beautiful blessing you and your mom were given today. Im thrilled to hear you got some special time together.

    Much love to you and the family,